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Guangdong Aerospace Agricultural Science and Technology Eco-Park is a sub-department-level agricultural scientific research institution under the Agricultural and Forestry Bureau of Boluo County, which also bears the brand of Boluo County Agricultural Science Research Institute. There are 36 employees and 60 odd jobs. The garden has 3650 mu of land, including 1100 mu of high-quality fruit base, 800 mu of fish pond, 300 mu of paddy field, 1450 mu of other crops, roads and rivers. The whole park is topographically ups and downs. Fishponds and paddy fields are scattered among them. A East-West river runs through the northern part of the park. Litchi, longan, Aerospace fruits and vegetables and other crops are springing up. Agricultural landscape, ecological environment and mountain water resources in the park have obvious advantages in developing agricultural tourism


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